Customer Reviews


“Edinburgh Proofreading Services is very efficient as well as with high quality. Thank you!”
Masters student, QMU (Chinese National) 2020

“Thank you very much for your proofreading. I am very happy with it.”
TEFL student, The University of Edinburgh (Chinese National) 2020


“I would certainly recommend your services and was happy with the quality of the work you did on my essays. The service was extremely convenient and efficient. I was especially impressed that you were able to carry out such a high level of work within a very short period of time. I would like to compliment you on your level of communication as you frequently replied to my emails in a swift fashion which was always reassuring. I’d like to thank you once again thank you for the high quality of work that you carried out on my essays.”
Masters student, Moray House, The University of Edinburgh 2020

“Many thanks you did really outstanding job. You did it very fast with a reasonable price. I am really grateful and I decided to submit the entire work for editing and proofreading. I believe that the service is really worth it. It helped me with my long sentences/ mistakes/ expression errors and ‘repetitions’ – It is worth it to pay for the proofreading service. As a PhD student am extremely grateful that I made the decision to do the proofreading service with you. Thank you and many thanks for the staff in Edinburgh College of Art who informed us about your services.”
PhD candidate, Architecture, The University of Edinburgh (Saudi national)

“Thanks for your advice and proof reading. It has given me the confidence to now get it printed.”
Undergraduate Student (UK national)


“Thank you so much for the changes of my essay. The essay have significant changes. You are so responsible. The references you offered me are so great and helpful. The price is suitable and reasonable and I am so happy with your work. You showed me how to write an excellent essay and also helped with my research!  I am very happy with your work.”
Msc Education student, The University of Edinburgh (Chinese national)

“Thank you very much! I am really happy with your edit.”
Undergraduate Chemistry Student (Chinese national)

“Thank you for your proofreading I am very happy with the work you have done.”
PhD student (Chinese national)

“Hugely helpful feedback and a quick response! Thank you.”
PhD student (South Korean national)

“Thank you, and it is so quick it allows me more time to prepare and merge with my current texts!”
PhD student (South Korean national)


I read the edited version and I am extremely satisfied with the text. I appreciate your help in proofreading for the whole year.”
Masters Student (South Korean national)

“Thanks. Your work definitely helped me.”
MSc Student (Japanese national)

“Thank you very much. Your work was very good and fast. The price was appropriate.”
BA (hons.) student (German national)

“I am very happy with the work.”
MSc student (Polish national)

“I would like to tell you that I am really satisfied with the work you’ve done. The comments or the corrections were clear and with respect to the original context of the text. I think that the price is quite reasonable… Thank You once again for your help! I will definitively recommend you to anyone who is interested for proof-reading or editing.”
Masters student (Greek national)


“As always you did a tremendous job! It is very likely I might send you reports/articles in the future. Thank you once more.”
Masters student, Graphic Design (Polish national)

images“Many thanks for your work!!! It is very very good.”
Masters student, Politics and International Relations (Greek national)

“I was perfectly happy with the convenience of your service; you corrected my abstract in very short period of time (I needed it by the next day), and also the efficiency of your responce via e-mail was great. I was happy with the work you did for me.”
PhD student, Edinburgh Napier University (French national)

“The help provided was fantastic. You were very easy to get in touch with and very quick, giving me enough time to look over it afterwards as well. It was also helpful to know that you had associates who were specialised in my subject area. I liked how you read through and left comments in red. After improving on these points the dissertation linked in better. Overall, I thought your work was great, it made my dissertation look more professional and it was reassuring to have you to correct any mistakes. I really appreciated the help and if my friends or myself needed proofreading in the future, I would definitely get in contact.”
Honours student, Heriot Watt University (Chinese national)


“The service that was provided was both convenient and efficient. It allowed me to spend more time on layout and organising the final requirements that always takes more time than is expected. I would recommend this service to any student who finds themselves in a situation where they feel more sure handing their proof-reading over to a professional.”
Masters student (Portuguese national)

“I am very satisfied with your proof-reading… many thanks for your work.”
Masters student (Greek national)

“Looks great, thank you very much!”
Masters student (German national)


“I’m genuinely happy with your work, and hope for further fruitful cooperation in future.”
MA student (Polish national)

“I have received your comments and I appreciate your work very much! Thanks a lot!”
MA student (Chinese national)


“You have done very well with good quality of the work and perfect convenience. One thing I really like is that you did it very fast. The price  is reasonable. I am thankful for your service.” MA student (Syrian national)

“I really appreciate your effort – thankyou!”
Masters student (Spanish national)

“The quality of work and convenience was great. You were very helpful and supportive. The timetable you gave me helped a lot. You were very efficient and you kept the price low as possible. Can’t think how your service can be improved!”
BA (Hons) student (UK national with dyslexia)

“I received the essay and I just had I look at it and I think that your work is very very good, as the previous times.”
Masters student (Greek national)

“Your work was big help as it made my piece more communicative, in addition to the spelling and grammar that you corrected.”
BA (Hons) student (Polish national with dyslexia)


“I just read the edited assignment and I think that your company’s work is absolutely excellent!!! Thank you very much!”
Postgraduate student (Greek national)

“For student whose first language is not English I think this is an efficient way to improve your paper because, in your article, it is difficult to really get out of your own language system even if you have language support software in your computer. From my edited essay by Edinburgh Proof-reading Services I can see logic and integrity of expression on both language and article structure. The proof-reader not only to help you revise the mistake on spelling and grammar but also help my thinking of composition of the article. The changes are more concise and convincing than my original words. Was very convenient – just send your paper out by email and get the edited one back in few days. And don’t need to worry the informal format of your paper, this service help to revise the regular format of dissertation…I am quite happy with the price for my paper and think it is affordable by students.”
PhD candidate (Chinese national)


“Very efficient – always proof-read my essays and handed them back to me edited in very few days…Very good quality of work – the proof-reader even recommended me other readings in the subject, which showed that she was interested in the subject of the essays.”
Masters student (Spanish national)


“The whole procedure was very good, we make it all through e-mails and that was very convenient. The work was really effective and everything done in a few days. I liked very much the quality of the work, the right things were added in the place it was needed and my essay made much better.”
Masters student (Greek national)

“I am very satisfied of your work and I believe that in future I will give you and other of my essays to proof-read!! Thank you a lot for your work.”
Masters student

“It is really great thank you for your effort.”
PhD candidate (Spanish national)

“I am impressed by your understanding of the research in only few days which is obvious in your edit.”
MFA student (Syrian national) 

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8 thoughts on “Customer Reviews

  1. Many thanks you did really outstanding job. You did it very fast with a reasonable price.
    I am really grateful and i decided to submit the entire work for editing and proofreading. I believe that the service is really worth it.
    It helped me with my long sentences/mistakes/expression errors and ‘repetitions’ – It is worth it to pay for the proofreading service. As a PhD student am extremely grateful that I made the decision to do the proofreading service with you.
    Thank you and many thanks for the staff in Edinburgh College of Art who informed us about your services.
    PhD candidate(Saudi National), August 2014

  2. The service was great! It was really easy an so fast aswell. The changes made my dissertation lot better. More clear and good academic expression. I got a great mark in the end. Thanks so much 😃 I would definitely recommend for international students to use this service. It’s well worth the price.

  3. I was impressed deeply with the proofread works. They were much better organized in the structure and consistency, and grammar and spelling check. Very reliable proofreader.

  4. The service has been very convenient and helpful. I was able to send my work in to be proofread at very late notice and still get in back in time.The service could not have been more efficient. The quality of work was exceptional and made a great difference to the standard of my work.

    Thank you very much for all of your help. I am so glad that I found out about your services.

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