Have your document thoroughly proof-read by an experienced, PhD qualified editor


Our Edinburgh-based proof-reading service can help you produce a document that is free from spelling/grammar mistakes and typographical errors. We have over 15 years experience and can assist with all types of documents, in all subjects and categories. We offer excellent customer service working to fast turnaround times and specialise in helping international students writing in English as a second language.

We specialise in academic proof-reading with a focus on the following:

  • Ensuring that spelling, punctuation and grammar is immaculate.
  • Enhancing the coherence and clarity of your writing.

You can have your document thoroughly proofread and quickly returned to you, at a competitive price. Please contact us to find out more.

Other services: We also provide an audio/video transcription service and can edit your funding proposals, research papers, professional documentation, CVs, letters and any other non-assessed academic documents, to enhance clarity, language and format.